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What happens when Kyle Kerro, Frog City's greatest detective, is tasked with finding out who stole the coveted FROG CITY WRESTLING CIRCUIT CHAMPIONSHIP BELT?

  • Play as Kyle Kerro, ace frog detective!
  • Dive into the sordid world of...married pro-wrestlers?!?
  • Experience dual-screen gameplay that totally isn't just a rip-off of Hotel Dusk: Room 215!
  • Throw the best birthday party!

    Background art by Nmoonart (twitter.com/nmoonart) , used with artist's explicit permission.

    A secret santa gift for Danielemelonz.

(Apologies to the creators of Hotel Dusk. Also apologies to Hakumei to Mikochi, which I referenced for the hedgehogs within. Compiled for Windows because web assembly threw a fit at the very last minute and made the web build stop working. It's suggested that you leave the resolution at the default 1200 px * 900 px)

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AuthorOceanic Yearnings


Villa Dusk.zip 37 MB